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Giveaway with a button in the Telegram channel

One of the most popular way to hold a contest in the Telegram channel is to use the "Participate" button. You can add the button under the contest post using our bot. Subscribers only need to subscribe to the necessary channels and click on the button to become a participant in the contest.

In this type of contest, the chances of winning are the same for all participants and do not depend on the number of comments left (as in the contest by comments).

At the same time, if there are no comments under posts on your channel, you do not need to connect them for the sake of the contest, and then hastily delete them for all subsequent posts.

How to launch a contest with the "Participate" button in our bot?

1. Launch a bot @tggrowbot

2. Add our bot @tggrowbot to channel administrators with permission to edit messages.

3. Then make a contest post in your channel (specify all the conditions, rules, deadlines, prizes). Use no more than one image (otherwise Telegram will not add the button).

Our bot can:

  • check channel subscriptions (up to 5 pcs)
  • select up to 200 winners (30 if subscription verification is used)

4. Open a chat with the bot and send a command /new

5. Create a new contest with the type "contest by button in the channel"

6. Select a contest post in your channel or simply provide a link to it.

Using our bot, you can add several buttons under different posts in different channels for one competition.

7. In the next step, specify the name of the contest, the text of the contest button and the need to use a counter for the number of participants.

8. Next, you can add and select the channels to which participants should subscribe. To add a channel to the list, you need to add a bot to the channel administrators.

9. After saving the activity, a button will be added to your contest post.You can pin this post in the feed, then a noticeable button will appear above the chat, which will attract additional participants.

10. On the contest page, you can upload data about participants to Excel and view the schedule of new participants.

11. At the end of the terms of the contest, go to the last step "Selection of winners". Here you can specify the required number of winners and the program will select them randomly from the list of all participants.

12.To remove the button, select the item "contest is over" in the contest settings.

Contact the winners

To contact the winners, you can announce the results and give your contacts in the channel itself, or, for example, personally write to everyone (search through the list of subscribers), or use our "Link to the result" tool. In which our bot will show your message (with contacts, coupons or other information), only to those users who have become winners.