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The contest "Subscribe friends". Telegram Invite Links

Probably, every channel or group administrator wants to increase the number of subscribers and expand the audience. However, growth in Telegram is possible mainly due to advertising and other external sources.

Using our bot@tggrowbotyou can hold a contest in which your subscribers will help develop your channel.

The bot will give each participant of the contest an individual invitation link to the channel, which will track each subscription for him. As a result, you will be able to see the results of each participant and choose the winners. All the collected data will be available for uploading to an Excel spreadsheet, which you can analyze yourself.
The invitation link has a standard telegram format and throws directly to the channel, which does not cause suspicion and distrust. Most people understand that the link leads to a telegram.

How to choose the winners?

Our service will help you to check the fulfillment of the conditions of the contest and choose the winners among the participants.

There are four options for choosing winners:

  1. random selection of winners (randomizer);
  2. random selection of winners based on the number of subscribed friends. The chances of winning are higher for those who invited more friends. But anyone can win;
  3. the first or second option with a filter for the minimum number of subscriptions;
  4. TOP by the number of invitees. Places depending on the number of invited.

The organizers often choose the last option to choose the winners, but you need to understand that some participants behave dishonestly. In an attempt to "cheat" as many subscriptions as possible, they use bot cheating and motivated traffic. Therefore, we recommend the first 3 options.

A contest with invitation links. Instructions for the bot.

1.Launch the bot@tggrowbot;

2.Send the /new command to create a new contest;

3.Choose the type of contest "Subscribe friends";

4.Add and select the channel in which you will hold the contest. Add the bot@tggrowbotto the channel administrators. Please note that you must give permission to work with invitations (invite links).

5.At the next step, you need to specify the name of the contest and other parameters. You can customize the completely individual text of all messages (in your own language or add additional information). Different types of notifications are available: about the cheat, about the achievements of the participant and others.

6. Checking channel subscriptions (up to 5 pcs).You can check for subscriptions to your channel or sponsored channels. To connect a channel, add it to the channel administrators.

7.After saving, you will receive a link to the invitation link generator (*****). This link must be added to the contest post. The participants who clicked on it, after launching the bot, will receive their individual link.

  • Each launch of the bot creates a new invitation link. Links that were created earlier continue to work and you can also use them for inviting.
  • If a participant's friend has unsubscribed, then the next time the data is updated, this will be recorded and the time of unsubscription will be recorded.

10.In the activity card, contest statistics are available in graphs and data can be uploaded to Excel. There are two pages in the file: on the first the participants and their links, on the second those who subscribed.

11.When the contest has come to an end, click on the "Select winners" button and select the required number of winners.

12.You can contact the winners personally or use the "Link to the result" tool.